Fort Worth Lodge #148 Podcast – 13: Quarrymen’s Roundtable (Special Guest: Brother Billy Hamilton)

Please join us this week for our fireside chat! Our special guest, Brother Billy Hamilton, tackles all sorts of subjects with our hosts, Brothers Rhit Moore, Grant Gates, and Gabriel Jagush. Brother Billy tells us about his long road to joining up with us at 148, and we wax poetic on all sorts of things serious and non-serious. Did you know that some states have written proficiency work? What are secrets, anyway? Who is this Jack Chick guy? What does your significant other think of your schedule? How long will it take Gabe to find something in the Grand Lodge Lawbook? All these questions, and more!

The Fort Worth Lodge #148 Podcast would also like to urge you to donate blood if you are medically able. Your time and precious gift, can and DOES save lives. Thanks!


00:00:34 – Host & Guest Introductions
00:01:41 – Masonic News
00:04:59 – Listener Question: What is the biggest misconception you had about Masonry, prior to becoming a Mason?
00:23:24 – Episode Content: Brother Billy Hamilton Tells Us His Story
01:18:48 – A bird interrupts the conversation
01:43:39 – Events Listing
01:54:08 – Weekly Quote
01:54:43 – Closing Words

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