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Post a Calendar Event

Please read the the Event Contributor Guide below BEFORE posting your event! If you submit events that do not conform, they may be altered or removed.

Event Contributor Guide and checklist for events:

  1. Anonymous postings: You may post events without having a contributor account, but your submissions will be reviewed. If you are a regular contributor, please contact the site admin to get an account created for you and save you time in the future.
  2. Recurring events: If you wish to have a recurring event posted, contact a site admin. Recurring stated meetings are already added to the calendar.
  3. Title: be specific, but not overly long. There’s a lot of events and not a lot of space. Remember the location will be listed in the details so you don’t have to put it in the title.
    1. Example: EA Degree
    2. Example: Golden Trowel Award
    3. Example: Golf Tournament
    4. Example: Spring Reunion
  4. Event Date and Time: Pick a start time. Do not use the all-day option unless it really is an all-day or multi-day event. Choose an end time if known (estimate it).
  5. Venue name and address: List Lodge/Chapter/etc/event location as well as address. Address is VERY useful in case out of town guests are looking for events.
    1. Example: Keller Lodge #1084
    2. Example: Fort Worth Masonic Temple
  6. Category: You MUST pick at least one category and be sure it matches the type of event. E.g. Blue lodge for lodge events, MWSA for MWSA, Chapter/Council for Chapter or Council… you get the idea.
  7. Tags: Pick AT LEAST ONE tag that closely matches the event such as Degree if it is a degree, or Award presentation if that is the case. If this is for Blue Lodge, consider tagging the district as well so users can filter by district.
  8. Description: At at least a small description (i.e. meal time, speaker names, degree, proficiency, etc). Make this as long or short as necessary.
  9. Submitter Name and Email: You must fill this part out so we can contact you if there are any problems or questions.
  10. Other fields: Use these if you wish such as event cost or a flyer image.
  11. Human verification: You may be asked to click a box to verify you are actually a person and not a bot.
  12. Agreement: Click this box that states that you have read this guide and agree to use it.

Click the green button above to submit your event!